"I also use this opportunity to teach her numbers ...  your child learns while they play."

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"This is a fun app that can also be educational, teaching hand eye coordination, number recognition and patterning."

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Sticky Mosaics® 
Butterflies for the iPad available now in the App Store.

Also available in a Free Lite version in the App Store


Mosaic Tiles

Each of the four templates are numbered, corresponding to a variety of different coloured and shaped jewels.

Children assemble their mosaics by dragging the jewels from the legend with their finger.  By matching the jewels with the correct number, your child will start to create a shimmering mosaic of a beautiful butterfly.

When the last jewel has been added, something magical happens.  Your butterfly will come to life and fly around.  The butterflies are shy, but if you hold your finger to the screen very still, the butterfly will come and land on your finger.


Sparkling Jewels

For each butterfly, there is an assortment of 13 brightly colour jewels of different shapes.  Each jewel sparkles, creating wonderful butterflies with bling!


Sue, the Blue Butterfly

Once you complete Sue, watch her fly around her beautiful meadow.

Meet Sue's friends: Sunny Sunshine, Flopsy the Bunny,  Dawn and Daphiney Daisy.  They are waiting to meet you.


Murtle the Purple Butterfly

Murtle might be shy, but if you're still, she will sit on your finger.

Meet Murtles friends: Sunny Sunshine, Ronald the rower, Tweetie the bird, and Flipper the frog.


Yasmine the Yellow Butterfly

Bright and colourful, Yasmine matches the beautiful rainbow that shining over the forest.

Yasmine has lots of friends in the forest like the shy bear, and the friendly fox.


Mink the Pink Butterfly

If you go camping, look for Mink.  That is where she likes to play.

You can find her with her friends Deer and Squirel.